Our roof and floor trusses are all engineered, sealed and built in our state-of-the-art controlled environment manufacturing facility in Colusa, CA. This means the building process is not affected by NorCal weather. Trusses are manufactured with computer-controlled saws, leading to greater accuracy, tighter fits, fewer mistakes, and less lumber waste. It's simply more exact.


Price is a significant factor when considering building a structure. Whether you are a contractor, builder, or homeowner, you need to know the cost of trusses to determine whether its a good purchase. 


Ready to contact us? Beyond the plans, here are some details to provide:

  • Location of project
  • Type of building/function
  • Size of building
  • Truss spacing
  • Roof pitch
  • Overhang, tail or soffit width
  • Loading - roof and ceiling materials
  • Matching an existing roof?
  • Designer/Architect/EngineerĀ 

Send your plans to: